Tuesday, December 12, 2017

EZ Wrap wallet

After sewing the Bazinga back pack, I really wanted to try the EZ wrap wallet from Flossstyle. My son has been asking for long, maybe even more than a year, for a wallet. He already would have been satisfied with a simple zipper pouch, but seeing that he had to wait so long, I wanted to make him something special.

The EZ wrap wallet comes in three levels of complexity and in two widths. I made the narrower width with several options and I hacked a bit extra. The official options that I used are the transparent ID pocket, the zipper middle pocket and the wrap. I had a lot of fun combining my scraps into this wallet. Due to the card slots, the inside piece is rather long, so you need a relatively big scrap for that piece.

What I added /adjusted was that I only did the card slots on one side of the wallet, my son does not have any cards that he needs to store, so these five slots are more than enough. My son only has coin money (he will have spend his savings on Lego's before he reaches the 20 euros) so I wanted an extra zipper pocket. Instead of having a phone pocket, I created a welt pocket on the back. This way he can reach the coins without opening his wallet. Lastly, I used a snap instead of a button or magnetic closure.

My middle daughter immediately ordered another, and I was totally planning to immediately sew another, but than December madness started. I will definitely sew more but I am showing this one already because it is a perfect Christmas present as well! My son wanted to model with the wallet (he does not really like modelling so that shows how much he likes it), but in the end we decided that his best friend would model instead.

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