Thursday, May 10, 2018

OT 19 part one, Pixel Pullover and Alfie sweat pants

The season is changing, which means a new issue of One Thimble! One Thimble 19 * will officially be available from tomorrow, May 11 (but since today for pre-orders and subscribers). Due to the fact that the season change in Australia actually means a change to cooler weather, the new issue is winter themed. Although we are moving to summer,  I already sewed several pieces from the issue. Today I am showing you two perfectly complementary pieces, the Pixel Sweater and Alfie Sweat pants. Besides winter attire, they are great for summer hikes, cool evenings are typical Dutch summer in general unfortunately ;)

This pink and red set is actually the second set that I sewed. If you scroll down a bit you will see the first. When I sewed the first one I was apparently in a rather dark mid winter vibe and choose rather plain colors. I was not optimally happy with my color scheme, probably especially because it hot summer weather now, so I went for a more color full set.

The color is not the only difference. For the first set that I sewed both pieces in size 12. I do not know what I was thinking exactly, but I know that I was driven by the fact that our eldest two seem to outgrow all their clothes within one season at the moment. Our eldest daughter is ten and I never ever sewed according to her age, she was always smaller and even skinnier. But her recent growth spurt let me choose a size bigger than what she has now according to the table. Because I wanted it to fit during the winter. What I of course did not realize that even in the size table 10 and 12 year it shows that kids usually stay longer in one size than one season. The size 12 really was too big. She did not agree with it being too big though and wore it for two days straight. It is so comfy she says, and last week was rather cold.  I folded the cuffs of the sweat pants inside for the picture, I did not hack them out.

The Alfie sweat pants are designed by Ainsley Fox, the woman behind the brand also is the heroin behind the entire One Thimble. The pants are just as cool as the designer and actually have four different front views. The views differ in the front color block options. Two of them are perfect for reinforced knees, which my son's versions are going to get. There are two different options for front pockets. The version with a vertical splitted front creates a cool pocket option that is perfectly in sync with the color block options. The pattern also  comes with instructions on a welt front pocket.

When I saw the design of the Alfie sweat pants I knew that the pattern would be great for upcycling. I noticed before that somehow a grown up pair of pants does no longer have enough fabric between the seams (who is brave enough to unpick jeans seams, I know those people exist) to make our eldest pants. So, by making one side of the splitted front from new fabric I could turn one of my favorite worn to-the-thread stretch pants into one pair for her. Now that I dissected the trousers I could easily reinforce the pockets that had torn before. I kept the original back pockets in the new pants.

The Pixel Pullover is designed by Jennuine Design. Seeing that I also cut the Pullover a size to big, the grey version is a rather roomy. But as you can see on the red version, the sizing is actually excellent. What is better visible on the grey version are the saddle sleeves. They look and sew like raglan sleeves but behave like set-in sleeves when they are worn.

The Pixel Pullover comes with three necklines, a hood, a shawl collar and a cowl. Our kids still love hoods, so I picked the hood twice. The grey stretchy velvet is very fluffy and therefore the hood on the grey one looks rather big on the picture, but she assured me that it is supper comfortable. There are two sets of cuffs, one with thumb holes. When our daughter found out there was a thumb hole option she insisted on getting it in the second version. The apparently feel so natural that she forgot to take them off" when she started to make pastry..... Let's hope she quickly gets used to them.

The way to buy One Thimble* for Europeans changed a bit due to the European VAT rules and new privacy law.  Now, you will be automatically directed to another site where you immediately see euro prices (just 15 euro without VAT). The only small issue is that we can no longer see multiple pictures of the listing, but you can see one picture from all the stand alone patterns if you scroll through to the second page of the OT shop. If you are interest in buying issue 19, independently of your location, I advice you to become a member of the One Thimble Facebook page, you can see all kind of pictures there as well.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.

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