Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cessim release

Today, the Sofilantjes' Cessim shirt is releasing, and this release is an extra special one for me, because I worked together with Anne in creating the pattern! I always love a Sofilantjes release, but now that I actively participated in the creation of the pattern, I am of course extra excited. The Cessim is a relaxed fitted boy shirt with many options. There are multiple color block options, sleeve lengths and necklines.

Over the course of the last months, I created many different version of the pattern. Not all the options that we considered actually made it into the pattern, but to avoid confusion about what is in the pattern, today I am only showing you some shirts that were sewn with the final options (okay one has something extra that we still want to make an instructions for, did you spot it). There are many examples of the long sleeve option in the release post that I wrote for the Sofilantjes website.

The Cessim was designed with panel fabrics and/or scraps in mind. There are four main options for color blocking the body. The first option is cutting the body in one piece and having only one seam at the back. The dark blue fabric with white print is an example of that this option. I screenprinted the fabric last year on her bachelorette party, the print is drawn by our son.

The second color block option has an asymmetrical split in the body, there is one big part and a narrow side piece. The yellow/white shirt is an example of that option. The sharp line is perfect for strong contrasted fabrics. The third color block option has a curved upper insert. The pattern is designed such that you can flip that upper color block in mirror image and have the body seam on the front. Both for the half sleeve and the long sleeve there is the option to color block it such that the line of the curved insert is continued onto the sleeve. The beetle shirt is an example of that.

The fourth color block option is the full Monty, it has both the narrow side panel and the curved color block. This option is also great with the color blocked sleeve. In all today's shirt I used the rounded neckline. It is a round neck fitted in a V neck hole. I really love the extra color showing in the front of the neck where the ribbing is higher. The pattern also includes a V neck and a color block V neck.

The relaxed fit also makes the pattern very suitable for using thicker knitted fabrics like jogging during the winter months. The Cessim is on sale in the Sofilantjes webshop for three days for just 5 euro excluding VAT. I really hope you will like the pattern as much as we do, especially because I very much enjoyed the making process and already have ideas for more! Did you by the way spot the three new Domi's?


  1. Great post with all the four options!

  2. Toen ik het tshirt zag, vond ik het op jouw lijf geschreven. Grappig te lezen dat het ook effectief mee door jou geschreven/getekend is. Fan van de zeefdrukversie <3

  3. waaauw, super Miranda! Echt zo iets voor jou, knap gedaan!

  4. You won't believe it, but when I saw the first pics popping up on IG I thought this could be something you would have enjoyed sewing (colour blocking, scrap busting)... Little did I know hahaha Congrats and well done!

  5. Oeh een cessim met een zak spot ik ��