Friday, June 8, 2018

Hacked Foras, times 2

Weeks ago I showed you the two Foras dresses that I sewed according to the instructions. Today, I show you the two that my hacker brain forced me to sew. You know I love pockets, and the Foras has them, but I wanted more and I saw even more potential.

My pocket hack has two different versions. On the rainbow dress I added a set of pockets, behind the color block. This therefore means that there are now four pockets in the dress. This method would be perfect if you combine it with the hack that Anne herself did by not adding pockets to the skirt. This hack is also a good option if you decide to hack the bodice into a top. Just put a waistband on it and you have shirt with cool pockets.

In the other dress, the grey one, I made one huge pocket. The Foras is a dropped waist and because I was sewing for summer and lengthened it a bit, she can not reach the pockets in the dress easily. It could also be that she has short arms.  Either way, I solved it by also having the pockets start in the bodice. This gives her the possibility to put her hands somewhere. This hack is more a fun hack than a really useful one, when it comes to taking treasures. The huge pocket is not that deep and if you put a handkerchief in, it could fall out (we experienced it first hand). But, our kids love quirky clothes, and this is definitely one of them.

The unicorn fabric I as a scrap from her a year ago. I was waiting for the perfect project, and this was it for sure! It paired beautifully with the rainbow fabric that I once bought at Joyfits. The grey fabric is from Lillestoff, and I bought it at Cas and Nina in the sale, but they unfortunately do not exist anymore.

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