Thursday, June 28, 2018

Plushie siblings

I presume we all have sewing plans that somehow never make it into reality. One of such plans that I had was making plush animals. When I started this blog, I was crocheting and making stuffed animals was the top one thing that I made with my yarn. When I discovered sewing, I quickly fell in love with making clothes from jersey, and my stuffed animal days seemed behind me. But sometimes the soft cuteness factor still pulls me in the toy direction. When I first saw her animal pattern line I immediate was intrigued. I wanted to make them, I wanted to make them all.

What I actually made were clothes. The stuffed toy plans remained on my Pinterest boards and then she showed this beaver, and I could not resist anymore. I tried, but the middle daughter that has a beaver obsession and that I showed the cutie to, reminded  me every week. So a few weeks ago I decided to finally use that super soft fabric that I bought and cut myself a beaver. I bought the fabric at Textielstad and it is called flex soft fleece. It is super soft and fluffy, the only problem is that it comes in just three colors.

As you might have read in the beaver blog post, the beaver is not out yet, but she reassures her readers that you can make the adjustments yourself, and so I did. I actually used this awesome free version and hacked myself a beaver. I printed the pattern half the size of the original pattern pieces to make the beaver about the same size as our daughter's own beaver that has been at her side since her birth. That beaver has a little cross on his belly, so of course her new beaver had to have one to. This is not my first beaver inspired sew, this coat was also modeled after her best friend.

The "original" beaver has more actual beaver inspired back feet, but our daughter preferred "regular" feet like her own stuffie. The most surprising thing (at least for me) about this beaver is that I sewed the whole thing by hand. I sewed once before with this lovely fluffy stuff and I noticed that the serged seams tend to open afterwards. After resewing the sixth splitted seam by hand I wondered if sewing the whole thing by hand was maybe a better idea, and it was. It sews up surprisingly quick. From cutting to finish it took me about 4 hours and hand sewing can be done behind the tv.

As you can imagine, our new family member was a huge hit and I immediately received three more orders. Our son was first and of course he wanted a bear, to match his best friend. Last week we went by train to a museum and were sitting in the train for more than three hours in total and I managed to sew almost  the entire thing (by hand again). These cuties really sew up quickly. This one is a little bit less obvious a bear than the other  is a beaver, but he is loved anyway.

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