Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Three times summer Pearlie dress

Do you remember that I hacked the Pearlie dress by Peach patterns into a winter dress last fall? Probably you did not, but I did, and every time my daughter whore it it made me secretly long for summer to have an excuse to sew the summer version. So, now I finally could and I actually made three! One for each of our girls.

The Pearlie dress bodice is perfect for scrap fabrics. The cute ice cream fabric was a leftover that I got from her. By adding a pocket in the color of the skirt you easily create unity between bodice and skirt if you decide to pick two different fabrics. I decided to angle the pocket pattern piece a bit and I really like the diagonal lines on that pocket. Our middle one is still in this interesting, I do not want dresses phase, but she likes everything that I call a tunic. So I made her a long tunic this time, that long that you could call it a dress, but we do not of course.

I screen printed the Pearlie that I  made for our eldest. I am still not a hundred percent convinced about the print, but as a whole garment it works. I feel the print is a bit too big and not sharp enough (I hand cut it), but it might also be the black on orange combi. I just have to print it again on another fabric to find out. I actually cut the print for our bear loving son, so I will for sure use it once more.

The third Pearlie, I sewed in the magic color changing fabric that I already showed you twice before. Weeks ago, I also already sewed up the fourth garment with this fabric ( yes everyone wanted something from it of course), but that one will have to wait until later. I really love the Pearlie both as dress and as top. I think I will also have to sew a winter version for all three of them. Our almost five year old is very pleased with this top that still has a princess vibe.

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