Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Vallis release

Before Anne is releasing a new human child into the world, she decided to also give birth to a twin pattern (one for girls and one for women) while being 34 weeks pregnant. She really is an unstoppable force. Today's new pattern is called the Vallis and it is the ultimate summer dress. The new bodice is sleeveless and there are tunic and dress options.

The Vallis has an unlined bodice and the band length to finish the bodice is calculated to be finished in knits. You therefore do not have to find a matching ribbing, you can finish the dress all in one fabric type. The Vallis has scooped back neckline which is a partial tribute to the summer suprise dress that got retired earlier this year, which was the first ever Sofilantjes pattern. When I put on my dress, I first put it on backwards, and that totally worked as well, it was low, but not too low.

The girl Vallis has a 3/4 circle skirt both in dress and tunic length. It also has a handkerchief skirt option (the skirt contains four square corners) both in dress and tunic length. There is also an option to have an asymmetrical partial circle/ handkerchief cross over option. The last one sounds cryptic, I know, but the idea is that there are two square corners and two round edges. I love asymmetry, so both dresses that I made have the asymmetrical skirt. I was not officially testing this one, and I did a small hack, I cut the asymmetrical skirt as mirror image, which lead to having both corners on one side. The official pattern asks for two the same skirt pieces.

The women Vallis has a 1/2 circle skirt, which makes the skirt lighter than the one on the Solis. Although the skirt is less full than the girl version, it also has the handkerchief options both in dress and tunic version. The women Vallis also contains an empirical waist option with a gathered skirt. The skirts of the Vallis and Solis for women are interchangeable. If you own the women Solis you can also make a Vallis with pleated skirt for example.

Also for the girl Vallis there are mix and match options. The Litore, Solis, Regina and Montis skirts fit perfectly on the Vallis. Both the women and girls version sew up super quick. I highly recommend buying both. Both patterns are as usual on a very attractive release sale until Thursday evening. During the release the Vallis bundle is the same price as the individual patterns combined which is 10.60 euro (excluding taxes).

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