Thursday, September 12, 2019

Arcus skirt release

Today, we at Sofilantjes are releasing a new pattern, the Arcus skirt! An easy, fun and beginner friendly skirt which is perfect for scraps. I am only showing you three of the prototype versions that I sewed, but if you push the sales link you can see all the amazing versions that our testers made!

In the summer we often have special activities in the Sofilantjes group and this year I thought it would be fun to have a testing experience. Everyone who was interested had 24 hours to sign up and who signed up would be allowed to test. I ended up with over 280 testers! This meant that for five days I got a constant stream of new awesome skirts.

The Arcus is a twirly skirt made from four panels. The idea behind the skirt is to color block the panels, but as a bonus we also added full panel such that if you want one skirt panel in one fabric you can simply use the complete panel without piecing it together.

You can go bold and have a rainbow of fabrics or simple and use only two or even just one fabric. My first versions were the simple two fabric option, but as usual I got inspired by the testers and I am planning some much bolder ones! The Arcus Skirt release sale will run until the end of the weekend. The pattern is on sale for €3,50 - ex taxes (€4,24 incl EU taxes), no code needed. After the sale it will be €6 not incl taxes.


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