Hibernis with color blocked sleeve

Voor Nederlands, druk hier.

I this tutorial I explain how to create a color blocked sleeve for the
Hibernis* such that the side panels seem to continue into the sleeves. For this hack you will need all the regular pieces from the Hibernis but you will only alter the sleeves. The need the front side panel and main piece to determine where to place the color block. 

Draw on all three pieces a line one centimeter from the side, you are drawing in the actual seam. For the sleeve you start one centimeter from the side and draw until the fold line. For the side panel and front you start and finish the line one centimeter from both sides.

Now measure the length of those lines with a piece of yarn. So, put a piece of yarn on it and cut it the same length as your drawn line. You can also measure with you measuring tape, but my experience is that I get frustrated because it does not remain in the curve that I want it to.

Now sum the length of the side panel and front panel. Then, divide the length of the side panel by the total length and multiply it by the length of the sleeve. An example: The side panel is 7 centimeter, the front is 9 centimeter which gives a total of 16. If the sleeve is 15 you would get (7/16)*15 = 6,6 centimeter. Use the number that you get to mark the sleeve, so measure 6,5 cm on the line you drew (which actually is 7,6 centimeter from the side).


Now cut a straight line at your marking and add seam allowance to both sides of the cut. The middle piece of the sleeve should be cut on the fold. Per sleeve you will have to cut two side pieces in mirror image. Sew the three pieces together to create one sleeve (do that twice) and follow the normal instructions. When you sew the sleeve in, you have to pay special attention while pinning, that you color block lines up nicely. 

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