Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kids art T-shirt

I assume that most of you have experienced the addictive effect of Pinterest.

After you pin something Pinterest kindly offers you a glimpses in the boards of others that also pinned that and before you know it you are lost for hours :) During one of those digital scavenger hunts I came across embroidery. Embroidery I remembered to involve a lot of counting little X's.

It appeared I was misinformed, embroidery could be anything! After I saw some crazy quilt examples I fell crazy in love with embroidery. I really wanted to try it, but what would I make.... The projects I liked the most involved a lot of playful lines and designs and my inspiration was lacking. Fortunately Pinterest as always came to the rescue. I also stumbled upon some kids art projects and combining the two has lead to this.
I took a store bought shirt and let my eldest draw on it with her usual washable markers. When she was finished I simply embroidered over her design and washed it. It was super fun for both of us. I now fully understand why Picasso is considered to be such an artist because he could still draw as a child. Children really do have a great imagination and simply draw freely. I might not have that type of drawing imaginationanymore  but fortunately I have four kids who can help me with that ;)