Monday, September 5, 2016

Maple skirt tour

Today, I am part of the Maple Skirt Sew along tour. Jess, from Gracious Threads released the Maple skirt a few weeks ago. She is now doing a sew along, to show everyone could sew one of these cute skirts. She invited a few bloggers along to show off the versatility of the skirt. This is my second Gracious Threads Tour participantship and in both we were strongly invited to hack, so I think we could  actually be good friends.

The Maple Skirt is an A-line skirt that works well entire year round. Seeing the goal of the tour, I decided to go for an easy hack. Although the technique I used was very easy, I feel it really adds something to the skirt. Seeing that the technique is not complicated and it has been already well explained by others, I did not make a true tutorial. I hope I can still inspire one of you though.

I went for improvisational pin tucks, which was of course clearly inspired by this post. I used technique two from that post, but I sewed in straight lines. I just made a fold, which did not overlap with any of the previous tucks and just sewed a small seam. I first did some pin tucks from top to bottom, then I added some smaller ones in between. The pin tucks make the skirt pieces a bit narrower. Therefore I actually cut one size wider than I should have based on the size table.

I did not overlap pin tucks and did not to sew one over the side seam, because I wanted to avoid bulky seams. I slightly changed the constructions order. First, I sewed the side seams, than made the pin tucks. After a few pin tucks I started testing the width of the skirt against my model and the waistband. I continued making pin tucks until the skirt fitted my model perfectly. If you follow the same order, after doing the pink tucks you will put in the stay stitch at the top, iron on the stabilizer, make the bottom seam and sew on the pockets. Than you can just continue with step 7.

Instead of buttons and button holes I used snaps. Snaps are my go to closure method and I love these flower shaped ones. Snaps are perfect for people with button fear and my kids actually prefer them over traditional buttons. I chose a very contrasting color, but these plastic snaps are available in almost every color.  The skirt looks cool from the front, but I love the back! When she climbed this wall the bottom snaps, snapped over, which is much better than you buttons falling off.

Be sure to check out the entire sew along during the next days on the Gracious Threads blog. If you don’t have a copy of the Maple Skirt yet, you can use the code MAPLESEWALONG for 25% off.