Tuesday, November 14, 2017

One Thimble issue 17

I know that many people feel they give you a compliment if they tell you your projects look store bought. I always assume that those people believe our store bought pieces are made by artists that love their work or by very advanced machines and not by the underpaid exploited factory workers that actually make our stuff. My husband knows what I think off that "compliment"so when he saw the shirt that I am showing your today, he immediately told me that it was totally incomparable to all the boring shirts in the store. He and my over-the-moon daughter made my day.

The project that inspired such praise was this interactive shirt. Yes, interactive, besides being a shirt it doubles as a toy. My middle daughter LOVES kitchen toys (besides the kilo's of Lego's in our house we have a lot of kitchen play sets as well), so when I saw this applique I immediately knew who I would use it for. Although the original project is an easy sew, I made it even easier. Officially you have to stabilize your fabric for the food item and sew the halves together. I went a slightlydifferent route, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally use the felt that I once bought. Besides the cheese, all the food items were made from inexpensive hobby felt that I glued together with textile glue. The cheese is from high quality felt and it is one layer. After cutting the union I decided to make an olive which is not in the set) from the little scrap circle.

This interactive applique is part of the new One thimble issue 17*. Although this applique would be an awesome stand alone toy,  I finally did decide to  sew the applique on something. I chose the new Regem* shirt by Sofilantjes as my canvas. Besides containing this applique, the new issue has many more patterns, and today I am also showing you the Nori dress by Paisley Roots. I tested the dress over the summer, so when she was wearing this dress, she was not freezing, I promise. After this test the pattern got adjusted a bit, the cut outs became a bit smaller and the skirt a bit longer.

The Nori dress closes with snaps on the sides and sliders in the neck. Snaps I have enough to last a lifetime, but sliders are not in my sewing supply. I feel hardware is often overpriced in craft stores and prefer to use a frugal solution or upcyle those parts. If you are similar, you might be happy to realize that old bra's also have sliders, and those I did have in my upcycle pile.

I told you before, my fabric stash mostly contains jersey, there is not much woven in there, and certainly not many wovens that are big enough to cut a circle skirt for a nine year old from. I did have some brown biological Cloud 9 fabric that I once bought to make a suit for my son from (which did not happen). Uni brown did not really say "summer"dress to me, so I took my Bobbinhood kit and for the first time hand-cut a stencil. I was between two summer vacations and scarce on time, so I freestyled this fabric in under 40 minutes. It could have been done better but I like the vintage vibe.

This post is part of the One Thimble issue 17 blog tour. The tour is nearing the end, which means that there is already  a lot of inspiration available. Here you have an easy clickable overview of the entire tour organized my Pattern Revolution. This issue also contains shorts, a bag, teacher gifts and jacket, a woman's dress and more. You can buy issue 17 one the One thimble site.


Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. Wauw!! Wat een tof shirt met die applicatie en dan die jurk 😍. Ach ja en dan bedrukken je ook nog ff de stof..... Je bent talentvol, te talentvol voor de gewone shop, dat zie je zo 😁. Tja en herkenbaar die opmerkingen.. en je eigen gedachten.

  2. Super leuk die bloemen op de bruine jurk! Echt perfecte combi!

  3. I just love your Nori dress! You did such an amazing job on it! Thank you so much for being a tester for me! I couldn't have done it without you! <3