Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hibernis dress

The Hibernis is one of my most favorite shirt patterns and for more than a year I had been planning to lengthen it into a dress. Last week, I finally did it, and I am totally in love with the result. The fabric that I used for the dress had been on my "fell out of love with this fabric but I have to use it" pile, and as usual I again totally see why I had to buy it in the first place.

There are several ways  to hack the Hibernis into a dress but I chose to simply lengthen all the pattern pieces. This way the pocket is very long, but I knew my daughter would not mind. She usually only uses pockets to stash her hands and they will not get lost in deep pockets. I determined the length that I needed by subtracting the Hibernis length from the Vivax length and lengthen the pieces with the difference in length between the two patterns.

Our kids always loved to wear hoods, and now that it becomes colder weather they are rediscovering this love. Someone in the Sofilantjes group asked last week for a Hibernis with hood hack and I assumed that the Nivalis hood would totally work. I was right, the Nivalis hood works perfectly on the Hibernis.

I bought the cat fabric two years ago, when I I was in awe of digitally printed animal fabrics. But somehow I fell even quicker out of love with those fabrics than usual.  That is alos why I am buying more uni colored fabrics now and just print my own print on them. With this dress I did manage to use the kitten fabric to its fullest.  I had to make an extra seam in the sleeve and hood and add a band, but it is almost invisible due to the busy print, even though there was no attempt at print matching at all. I still have a horse fabric on the pile, that one will probably be next for a Sofilantjes hack.

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