Friday, August 31, 2018

A bag and chicken

I was planning to show you the other clothes that I sewed from One Thimble 20, but than I realized that also have two very cool projects from OT 19 that I have not blogged about yet. So, today, I will show you two non-clothing items, a bag and a plushie.

My mother in law took up weaving and for my birthday I received a fully hand woven fabric in beautiful shades of green. Coincidentally the fabric piece was the perfect size to turn into a Pinky Promise bag. I wanted to use as much a possible from the fabric so I also created the straps from the fabric, added two extra pockets and made an extra big lip balm holder. The only thing that I could make from the leftovers was a small bow for hairband, everything else was incorporated in this bag.

The Pinky Promise bag is an extremely cute bag pattern designed by Little Moo designs and perfect for kids/ teens but also for grownups. It can hold your phone, keys, cardholder and a pocket of tissues. Perfect for a night out or going for ice cream. The instructions tell you to use a magnet closure, but I am a very frugal bag maker and did not use one. I also attached the shoulder strap differently to avoid needing bag hardware. The pattern also includes an option to make a ear phone hole which I think is the cutest and smarted thing ever. By not having the ear phones go under the flap, the phone is much more secure in the bag.

The second non clothing item is this chicken based on the pattern by Frazzydazzles. The original pattern is to make a Silkie chicken, a type of chicken that is super fluffy looking and has a bunch of feather on its head. Unfortunatly I did not have fluffy fabric. I did have short haired fur, so I made a Dutch type of chicken. One with comb on her head. I used some upcycled denim to make her feet, beak and comb.  Our children were obviously fighting over who was allowed to play with her.

This chicken is the reason why I dared to sew these two. Sewing this chicken was so much easier than I thought it would be. I somehow expected it to be quite hard with all the small pieces, but is was not at all. I sewed her almost totally on my serger but afterwards I realized that on some places I sewed a bit too close to the side due to the fur. Those small holes were so quickly and easily solved by hand, that I was inspired to sew the other two by hand alone.

Both of these patterns and the patterns from this and this blog post are all part of One thimble 19*. You can buy these two patterns plus many more as one magazine, but these individual patterns are now also available through their own designers.


  1. toffe stukken! en zo'n unieke tas da's echt iets tof, ideaal om twee hobby's binnen de familie te combineren tot één stuk