Friday, November 30, 2018

Micis release

Today, Sofilantjes releases a new pattern, the Micis skirt. This easy and quick to sew skirt has five official version, but with a little imagination you can easily create many more. Hacking is for another day, today I will only show the official versions of the Micis (with one exception). All versions are created with just five pattern pieces and due to the small size of some of the pieces, the skirt is perfect for color blocking with scraps.

The first option is an asymmetrical color blocked pleated skirt. Either doing the pleat in print, or having print on the outside skirt both gives a gorgeous result. I, of course also had to go full crazy and to have one with three bold fabrics. Our little model herself paired it with a hairband like this. I love it when they get involved in the whole sewing and picture process.

The second option has double pleats. This gives a symmetrical front. The rest of the skirt is the same as thep previous option. The back of the skirt is straight in all but the last option. But you can easily switch out the straight back for one of the fronts.

The third option is a cross-over skirt. It is a true cross over, there is no full skirt on the inside. Due to the wide cross-over, it does stay closed well during wearing. The fourth option is a faux cross-over. There is a full basic skirt with a flap on the front. The faux cross-over skirt is the most narrow option, all the others have more freedom of movement due to the pleats.  Still, also the faux cross-over is play proof. I do not have a version of this skirt sewn from the final pattern. If you scroll down I do have a s small Easter egg, a faux cross-over of which the small front is the faux flap. This is just a little the tip off all the other options that you can easily hack yourself.

The fifth option has a simple pleat, no color block. This skirt has a more classy style and would also be perfect for Christmas dinner. This does depend on your fabric choice, because in a bold fabric this is option is a canvas for a lot of fun as well. For this skirt also the back has the simple pleat.

All options have an elastic in the waist which makes it very easy to create a perfect fit. The skirt comes in a wide size range from 3/6 m until 13/14 year. It is super easy to adjust length. I personally like to sew a rather long skirt, such that they can easily wear a skirt two years. Our youngest two actually share their skirt collection even tough they are two years apart.

The Micis is on sale for 5 euro excluding taxes until Sunday night CET. Be sure to check out the listing to see the gorgeous skirts that the testers sewed!

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