Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Project Run and Play Handmade Holiday Tour

I confess, dress sewing is one of my, not-so-secret addictions. Dresses, especially in knit just give me instant gratification. But when Audrey pitched the Handmade holiday tour for Project Run and Play, I immediately thought of our son. I do sew for him, but his fancy clothes I ususally buy. I am so happy that I decided to sew for him because, he looks stunning and stylish in his Loveralls and tie, he is a total hipster.

Let's start of with that tie by Shannon of Little Kids Grow . It must be the fastest fancy thing that I ever sewed. I assumed that I would be able to sew in in an hour, but it turned out to not be more than ten minutes and it looks perfect. I did omit the binding on the inside, with binding it takes a bit longer. The binding is not visible which is why I decided to leave it out. I know that many people get a kick out of a perfect  finish, but I am not one of them. I get a kick from quick projects, so this tie is perfect for both type of sewists. I sewed the tie with one Micheal Miller fat quarter and I still have a good amount of the quarter left. Treasured fat quarters and this tie pattern seem a match made in heaven.

Our son is wearing a hacked version of the Loveralls from Celina of Petit a Petit + Family. The pattern is designed for woven fabrics, but if you remember the first sentences of this post you will not be surprised that I used my knititfication skills and sewed it in a heavy weighted Punte di Roma. This gives him extra freedom of movement but still looks as stylish as woven.

Besides changing the fabric type, I hacked a bit more. Because the fabric is stretchy, I decided that he would not need any front or side closure, that he could just step into the Loveralls. I did not want the straps to be too stretchy, so I added elastic into them. I sewed the straps to the front with some extra length on the end (which is on the inside and therefore not vivible), so I can easily lengthen the straps if his torso grows quickly.  I also made an extra wide hem on the bottom to keep some extra length so that he can wear it longer. The snaps on the front are purely for decoration, they have no function.

I am already the seventh stop in the handmade holiday tour so that means that there are already six great creations to check out on the Project run and play site.  Also make sure that you check out the entire Project Run and Play Shop (which were all developed from pieces that were sewn for the Project Run and Play competition in the first place!), and see what you would have chosen for a Holiday look.

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