Monday, December 17, 2018

Eximia release

The Eximia sweater is the newest pattern from Sofilantjes. With the pattern you can make a short sweater, which is perfect on summer dresses, a medium sweater or a long sweater, one that can be worn with leggings. The pattern contains both 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. A versatile garment that sews up super quick and looks awesome in all kind of fabric, a typical Sofilantjes pattern.

In the pre-test phase I sewed two Eximia's one for myself and one for our eldest. The pattern changed a bit after this phase, but not so much, so my pictures give a pretty accurate picture of the pattern. I sewed up three other Eximia's but more about those next Saturday!

The Eximia is designed to be worn on sleeveless or short sleeved garments, and you get the best results in stable knits. The longer versions can also be worn without anything underneath (on top). The shorter version can of course also be worn without clothing underneath, but the belly button will be visible in that case.

The short length Eximia is the perfect layering garment to wear on your summer dresses. That Vallis that I sewed in the beginning of the summer I wore very often and with this Eximia I can wear it during the winter as well. I have never been a type to layer my clothes, I do not really own cardigans, but this short sweater is something that I do see myself wear very often.

For our eldest I sewed the longest version. This version looks great on jeans, we did not try it with a skirt yet, but I can imagine that it would give an extra interesting layering detail. My version is from Punte di Roma and the version for our eldest is made from a very soft knitted fabric, but I have no clue how to call it. It is super soft and she loves the feel of it on her skin. 

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