Saturday, December 22, 2018

Framalo meet Eximia

Monday, I already told you, that I made three more Eximia's than that I showed in the release blog post. Today, I am showing you those Eximia's that I created from the fabric that was gifted to my by Framalo! To celebrate the Eximia release, Sofilantjes teamed up with several fabric stores and everyday day there are Eximia give away's. There is also a give away of one free copy, more about that at the end of this blog post.

I was allowed to pick fabric from the entire collection of Framalo, and that was a hard task. It is a pity that I do not live close, because I would love to see the actual Framalo store. Not just because besides fabric they also have different diy hobby material, but also because you can actually have a sewing weekend there (yes you can have a sleep over!) and Veerle from Famalo also organizes birthday parties. If you want to organize another type of get together with your sewing friends you can also invite Veerle to come to you with her fabric, because she does do home parties as well.

In the end, I chose for one of the new Chat Chocolat fabrics from the solid as a rock collection. The wine red is clearly my type of color, and the green and pink dots give a playful effect. The fabric is super soft on the inside. and perfect for winter outfits. The fabric stretches very well in one direction and a bit less in the other. The fabric is a joy to work with and also beginners should have no fear of this stretchy material. Besides this one, the collection contains five more prints.

Although the garments were all made with the same pattern and main fabric, I did not want them to be the same, so I decided to use three different contrast fabrics. I finished my sweater with the remnants of an old, already upcycled sweater. The color was a perfect match, and last time I had not used the neckline, nor the bottom of the sweater, that I now turned into the sleeve cuffs. For our eldest, I used a uni green fabric, and for our youngest, I went a bit wild and used a striped pink, that very well matches with the pink in the fabric.

The Eximia, both the girl and woman version are still available with a 25% discount in the Sofilantjes webshop, the sale is until December 24. To make the Eximia celebration extra festive, Framalo is giving away a copy of the pattern. Check out her Facebook page. 

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