Sunday, December 16, 2018

Twirly Pearly add-on release

The Pearlie is an adorable pattern for a dress or peplum shirt designed by Peach patterns. It is part of One Thimble issue 16 and for over a year also available as a stand alone pattern on Peach Patterns own web shop. I really love the Pearlie, I made a few already, and today the pattern becomes even better with the Twirly Pearlie add-on. The Add-on contains long sleeves, a waistband and a circle skirt. Circle skirts are always a good idea and what I think of the long sleeves on a Pearlie you can already read in my first ever Pearlie post.

When Marina from Peach Patterns asked me if I wanted to test the add-on, I  did not have to think twice, even though it is totally December madness around here, you can never had too many Pearlie's. I sewed three, but if it would have been up to my girls, I would have sewed at least three more.

Winter truly arrived here, so it was a no-brainer that I would try out the official long sleeve option. It fits perfectly and it is such an easy sew. Our eldest so loves her dress that I immediatly sewed a second and third dress, a twinning set in a Nooteboom fabric (of which I bought 6 meters, so you will see more for sure), I did make the dresses with two different contrast fabrics to show off their individual personality a bit. I used good and stable ribbing for the nekline, pocket and the waistband to create a nice holistic view.

This digital horses fabric is probably the last of my digital animal buying spree from a  few years ago. My kids grew a lot since then, so it was not possible to cut the circle skirt from it, but it looks great in just the bodice. The skirt of this brownish dress is punte de roma and this makes a nice stable skirt. It has an awesome twirl. With Punte de Roma the pattern is also perfect Christmas dress material.

You can add the circle skirt directly to the original Pearlie bodice, but you can also use a waistband. If you directly at it to the bodice, the dress will of course be a bit shorter than if you make it with the waistband. As you know, I love hacking, and making the bodice a bit longer by just taping the waistband to the bodice is a super easy, but useful hack. I was testing the add-on so I did not do it, but I was tempted, very tempted. I did add a pair of inseam pockets though, because I felt that did not really change the pattern, and my girl always need pockets. On the horses dress I slightly changed the pocket finish, I used the neckband ribbing to finish the top and bring some unity.

The Twirly Pearly add-on is now available for 5.75 dollar.You can also buy the original pattern plus the add-on for 10.71 dollar.

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