Sunday, November 4, 2018

Continued Nivalis love

Now that winter is really coming, the wardrobe of our two eldest kids clearly needed some new pieces. The younger two can simply use the stuff from the older two, but the girl and boy that have nobody above them and are growing in record speed needed some quick and versatile pieces. For our daughter I decided to make two very different garments with the Nivalis pattern. Although very different, both I hope will last more than a year.

Our eldest loves long dresses and because long dresses means more wearing time, I love them too. I therefore made her a calf length Nivalis, this is longer than the original dress idea, but this way she will be able to wear it the entire winter/ spring and with some whishfull thinking she might actually wear it next fall and winter too, but then with a more traditional dress length ofcourse.

The other thing that I made with the good old Nivalis pattern is an extremely cropped top. I used the upper color block piece, the sleeves and the hood  of the Follis (but this totally works with the Nivalis own hood as well) to make the perfect winter accessory. This way she can wear her favorite summer dresses all year round. In the pictures she is wearing the Vallis, her favorite dress hands down, but this hood and sleeve combi fits on many more of her summer pieces.

I made the Follis hood because I love how it sits on the back, but it might be a bit on the heavy side for this specific project, so next time I will simply use the Nivalis hood. I raised the neckline a bit such that the Follis hood would fit, I will probably do that as well next time, because I do not want a summer dress itself to be visible at the neckline.

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