Monday, October 22, 2018

The other "magic" fabric projects

Before the summer, I showed you three items that I sewed with magical fabric that changes in the sun. This Cessim, this Pearlie and this Playtime dress. As you might have guessed, our fourth child in the family also got a garment with this wonderful fabric. She was very clear in what she wanted, the wanted a play suit, so I sewed her one. I was intrigued by the magical qualities of the fabric, so when I saw another type that I liked even more, I actually bought an entire bolt of 12 meter (the minimum that I could acquire wholesale), because it seemed perfect gift material.

The fabric arrived a bit later then expected but I did manage to squeeze out four gifts before the summer holiday's, but I only made pictures of two of them. I made one shirt for my brother's birthday, he once was a physics teacher so I knew that he would appreciate the science behind it. I also sewed a shirt for our eldest daughter's teacher's son. That particular teacher was always admiring the dresses that our daughter was wearing so I thought that it had to make a perfect gift, and it did.

The two projects that I do have pictures of were gifted to the daughters of my colleague. I very often receive the clothes that her twins have outgrown, and I give back once in a while some hand made. I correctly assumed that this fabric would be highly appreciated. Our eldest is showing off the dresses, but she has a slightly different size. This makes that the fit is not perfect, and the color changing fabric is a bit too light weight, I should have used a more stable knit to back it. Lesson learned for next year, because I still have a good quite some meters left. I wanted the dresses to be similar but not the same so I made a Solis and a Foras  and I also worked with another contrasting fabric.

The play suit that I made our middle daughter is hacked Mila suit from La Maison Victor. The play suit that I made is not a halter, but actually has a back and a button closure. The result was perfect for our little gymnast, she prefers doing cartwheels over standing still any minute of the day. Seeing that the season for playing outside without a coat is over, the rest of the bolt will remain in storage until next spring.

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