Thursday, June 6, 2019

Risu release

Today, Sofilantjes releases the Risu dress. The Risu's eye catcher element is the back. It looks great and due to the smart construction it does not fall open. The Risu comes with long sleeves and 3/4 sleeves with a fun color blocking finish and simple hemmed short sleeves. It has a sweet overlap on the front neckline and a skirt that finishes with a wide binding. The stitched on pocket is cool to add some extra contrast.

The Risu waist fits the skirts of the Solis, Litore, Montis and gathered skirt from the Mantica. Which means that there are a lot of mix and match options. I already sewed two of those dresses as well, but those I will save for next week.

The Risu is a true diva dress, or at least I feel our kids look very serious and grown up in their Risu's. Perfect for fancy occasions, but the skirt is wide enough to play in as well.

I sewed the Risu for our youngest from a remnant after sewing this shirt. I was surprised to see how little fabric I needed for this dress. It really makes a huge difference that the skirt does not twirl. The dress for our middle one is sewn with an Art Gallery fabric that I recently bought at Joyfits.

I really like the sweet neckline detail. The neckline is in two pieces and they overlap in the front. The Risu is on sale now for 5 US dollar until June 10, 8:00 h CET. As always you can find the Risu in the Sofilantjes webshop.


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