Friday, September 19, 2014

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

As Emily pointed out to me, Naptime creations is hosting a sewing series inspired by children books. We read a lot in our house and we love books. We have tons of them but still we regularly go to the library, my kids love it there. They will keep on piling books to take home. When we get home we usually have an immediate reading session in which they prefer to read them all (which sometimes takes a lot of time indeed). My eldest learned to read last year but she still enjoys our reading sessions a lot. reading is so important for kids which is why I love this sewing theme. Books or stories determine the way we look at the world while we are kids but also as grown ups.
My link up is inspired by Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. If you do not know them yet, you should check out the book series of Julia Rawlinson about the adorable fox Fletcher. Fletcher experiences the four different seasons in his own way. In the fall version of the book Fletchers becomes very worried when his favorite tree is changing colors and starts to loose his leaves. The books teaches children about nature (the changing of the seasons and the circle of life) and about how change can be scary but also beautiful.

A big part of the dress is made from "fall trees" of JNY, a Swedish organic fabric designer. The trees fabric fits Julia Rawlings book very well because JNY also features this fabric in a winter and spring print (I also own a piece of the winter pint). So both the book and the fabric are really about how trees change over the seasons.

The pattern of the dress I sew my eldest is composed of several (Ottobre) patterns I made in the past. With the help of a tutorial from Kitschy Coo I created a sunset on the front of the dress. The sun is setting but is still visible which also symbolises fall. The fabric I used for the 'sunset' contains different shades of orange circles. When I saw this fabric for the first time it immediatly reminded me of sunsets, during the sunset the sun also changes color. These different colors of the sun resemble the different colors of leaves during fall. Because the dress will actually be worn in the fall I added hood and made sure it has long sleeves. My little photo bomber is there again showing of a shirt I did not blog about.

I really did my best on this dress and tried to match up the fabric near the pockets. I think she looks cute, what do you think?


  1. I think that the dress is perfect for Autumn. The book was a terrific inspiration for a delightful dress!

  2. oh that dress is perfect for fall!! I just love the colors! thanks for linking up to the sew a long. Get voting ;o) Emily