Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing on skirts

A few weeks ago I made four bodies for my youngest in one batch. I used a pattern I had used before just two sizes larger. I felt confident enough to not first make one, I should have known better... While sewing I was surprised that the back of the body piece was not longer than the front. This had been the case with two sized smaller but I decided that the bigger size asked for a different snit. After finishing the neck line I felt the back was relatively low, but I assumed that I had not stretched my binding enough while sewing it on. It turned out that the body pattern I used had two different fronts and I had confused the back piece with the second front!

Okay after breathing in very deeply a few times I put one of the bodies on an existing one and saw that the total length should at least be enough for now. I was planning on making bodies that would be good for a few months but at least they would fit now. I started putting on snaps and was confronted with a next problem.
I made the bias extra thick because I felt that the snaps needed a bit more fabric between them. But I had become over enthusiastic apparently because the snaps did not wanted to stay on. After putting on around 15 snaps I was managed to make 8 snaps stick. When actually putting on a body I found out that the fabric I used for two was not as stretchy as I was used to, making the body hard to put on. You can probably imagine how I felt about the body adventure (and I did not even mention the fact that even later it turned out that the back of one of the bodies had a weave mistake which created two small holes)...

I managed to not throw them all out (although the 8 snaps that staid on came off again). After sharing my disaster project with my niece she suggested to just cut them to shirts. I light bulb went on in my head and I remembered something I pinned a while back.
The pin was about putting a skirt on a too small body. This is what I did to two of them that were made with stretchy (scrap) fabrics. My three year old now loves her new dresses, although they are a bit tight. I should put them in a box for a year for my youngest but I have not managed to do this because my three year old fishes them out of the clean laundry pile all the time while sorting it. In the pictures she wanted to show of her new "phone" she had just got and did not wanted to part from. It is still in her hand in the second picture but it is just outside the image.

I used my newly acquired trick of putting on a skirt to safe a friends daughters shirt. The friend wanted to donate the shirt (because it had become to shirt) to my daughter and mentioned her daughter loved the shirt. I decided to try the trick again and combined it with a skirt that was also on the "put away"pile.

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