Monday, September 1, 2014

A sign to start again!

On Pinterest I saw this picture popping up a few times.The picture always makes me smile because I am often waiting for such "signs" and not only when buying stuff, "signs" also frequenlty it points in the direction of chocolate. But sometimes I miss a sign although I was clearly searching for one. I repeatedly stashed my digital shopping cart full with fort firefly fabrics, but somehow missed the sign to actually buy it, and than it was sold out....
Somewhere around the beginning of the year, while I was browsing the Birch website I stumbled upon the acorn trail. This new line is the follow up of the fort firefly line and it seems just as wonderfull. Although I had to wait a few months, I knew that I had to have that fabric with or without sign.

I live in the Netherland and had never bought fabric directly from the US but when I saw a great promotion on organic fabrics at, I could not resist. I ordered some beautiful fabrics at a discount, but because more people enjoyed this shopping sign, one of the fabrics I paid for ran out. The kind ladies at asked me which fabric I wanted as a replacement and I admitted that I was waiting for the acorn trail. The acorn trail would not arrive for another two months but neither of us minded the wait.

Than something miraculous happened, the people at Birch actually provided me with a pre-sale piece of fabric to finalize my order! Two weeks ago I received some Laundry day fabric ( I know, I would be jealous too). This weekend I sew a lovely new dress for my eldest.

When I heard that I would receive the laundry day fabric before it would officially hid the stores I saw it as a sign. A sign to start blogging (again). I tried it in the past while still crocheting but somehow did not manage to post a lot. When I started sewing I did not think my projects were interesting enough for others, but this one I think others will appreciate. The pattern is hand drafted from an existing store bought dress, the body is actually one piece but looks like a bolero.

The acorn trail line will hit the stores around the end of september, and besides cotton and voile the fabric line will also have knits!! Oh my, I love knits. I am afraid this laundry day piece is only the beginning of my collection :)

p.s. Yeah I know I should have ironed the dress before pictures, but baby steps. She had already worn the dress to school because there was no time to make pictures in the morning. I was already proud that I made pictures outside ;)

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