Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project run and play: upcycle

This is my second contribution to project run and play. Last minute, but I finished it time! I had a trip this week and arrived home yesterday evening but managed to sew up my week two contribution this morning. I made a baby winter onesie from one of my old sweaters. I had seen a few on Pinterest already, but these always used a long sweater. The sweater I had in mind was far from long. The short length was actually the reason this sweater was on my sewing pile. Before my pregnancies the sweater fitted fine, but now it is way to short.

Therefor I had to improvise and the sleeves became the front and back. As you can see on the picture the sleeves were longer than the front and like this I just had enough length. The new sleeves I cut from the front and the back became the hood. The zipper was also recycled.

The sleeve and leg ends were the orginal ends of the sweater and did not needed finishing. The hood is finished with the old neck line. I had to cut the front in two to insert the zipper. The width of the sleeve did not allow me any extra sewing allowance. I widend the front slightly by adding some board of the original back.
The bread was a great way to make her look happy in the camera.
I did not anticipate the bread to have such an effect on the window though.

I think I will make a few more of these!


  1. Great job. It looks so warm and comfortable.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

    1. After seeing how happy she played in it, I am considering making one in my size as well ;)