Monday, June 20, 2016

Handmade gifts: Solis and tulle circle skirt

Two years ago I sewed two dresses for the twins of a colleague. My colleague has twin girls of the same age as my eldest. I regularly get clothes the twins grew out of, so I sewed the dresses to give something back. Those two dresses came back home a few months ago (because they had become too small). Today I am showing you a new set that I sewed them as replacement.

Both girls will have a dance recital and they needed black and white clothes and I was allowed to (partly) dress them. Black and white clothes are totally the trend right now, so I wanted to make them something they would be willing to wear as every day clothing. After some back and forth questions, taking the girls' preferences as our guide, we decided that I would make a Solis* and a tulle skirt. My daughter is just slightly smaller so she could model them for you. Seeing circle skirts in action is much better than on a hanger.

There is not much more about the Solis that I can tell you which I did not wrote in the release post. It is a lovely pattern and your girl should have at least one. I hemmed the circle skirt again with the blind stitch. You can find the tutorial I wrote for it here. Did you see the heart placement at the back strap, my girl loved that detail (and so do I). You can find the lovely black and white fabric at Droomstoffen.

The twins have very similar measurements, so I used the Solis' skirt piece to make the tulle skirt. I cut the main skirt from black jersey (bought at Droomstoffen) and gathered 4.50 meter black tulle to get an awesome second layer effect. I made the waistband based on the free Liv skirt*. The tulle is super light weighted and the jersey circle skirt lifts it up easily. Her hands are behind her back, and not in pockets. I autmatically had cut and already sewn three of the four pocket parts when I realised there was no way that a tulle skirt could have pockets. I just kept them in though.

I was debating what kind of top I would put on the skirt for the shoot. My daughter suggested just pulling it over the dress. I thought it was worth a try. It looks so great that I might actually make such a dress. Just sewing an extra layer of tulle between the bodice and main skirt. My daughter also was the one that suggested the picture location. She is a true asset to my blog, thanks honey.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. I love the whole dress. It is perfect!

  2. Oh gaaf!! Wat een geweldig idee!! Heb je nog iets bijzonders gedaan om t zorgen dat het tule goed bleef zitten tijdens het naaien?

    1. Nee, maar mijn Pfaff heeft wel boventransport, ging eigenlijk verrassend goed en snel.

  3. IT IS PERFECT,love it

  4. Die hartjes tussen de bolletjes op je stof en de tullerok zijn zo leuk. Dit is (met stip) de mooiste Solis die ik tot nu toe zag!! ♥