Monday, June 27, 2016

Jigsaw/patch work summer dress

I am not a serial cutter, meaning that I cut one project sew it, and cut the next. If I have a pile of unsewn projects, I will loose interest in them. My enthusiasm span is short, so I have to finish the cutting-sewing cycle quickly. This keeps things clean and organized in my mind. At the moment I have a bit too many project floating around, most of them aren't cut yet but I feel some stress due to all the plans I am trying to finalize the coming five days. My solution, just sew something extra that was not on your sewing list.

I was again allowed to pick a fabric for Droomstoffen and I picked a lovely viscose jersey. It is soft, flowy, perfect colors and the drape is wonderful. I immediately knew I would sew a shirt for myself from it. I am copying one of my own favorite store bought shirts for it. After cutting, I was left with a small piece that was screaming to be used. Times like those, I am so grateful of having a small toddler in the house. Her clothes are perfect scrap busters.

I did not have a clear plan when I started cutting (not the most effective sewing method, but I enjoy the process). I had one relatively large piece (when I started I had less than a meter and I had cut a woman's shirt from it, so "large piece"should be taken relatively). I tried to squeeze a circle skirt from it. I managed to cut 9/12 of a circle from it (in three uneven pieces). I pieced together a bodice (including toddler belly option) from five smaller pieces and finished it with a binding in the same fabric (because there was no way to cut even half bodice to line it with). I added a triangle to the dress to get the right waist size (I did not have enough fabric to put in rectangle strip).

All those seams do not really show, or at least they do not bother me. I added a picture of the back that has that strange extra triangle, did you spot it? I already know this will be on of her favorite summer dresses. You will have to have a bit until I show you the shirt, although I cut it already, it is not one of those projects I am planning to sew within the coming days. The same goes for the fabric, it is not yet online available at Droomstoffen, but it wil be soon!

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian).


  1. Leuk jurkje! Je ziet bijna niet dat het zo'n patchwork is; perfect stofje voor dit project!

    1. Inderdaad en ik ben zo benieuwd hoe mijn eigen shirt gaat worden!

  2. Zoals altijd weer erg leuk en inspiratievol om te lezen en te zien.

  3. Prachtig jurkje! En ja, ik herken die stress wel... ik maak dan lijstjes, en ga dan onderverdelen wat dringend is enzo.. hm, niet dat ik dan minder stress heb, maar ja :p