Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Litore and Aura release

Today, Sofilantjes* has released not one, but two patterns. This time a dress and a bolero. The Litore* has an amazingly cool back detail en three different skirt types (all three available in two lengths).  My daughters prefer to wear their pretty dresses every day and I let them (I have to enjoy the time that they still love to wear my handmade clothes), but sometimes it is a bit chilly for these dresses. If your country's summers looks like the Dutch's, you regularly need something to cover those shoulders, the Aura* is perfect for that.  Here you can read Anne's lovely story about the names of these patterns and why they go so well together.

The dress' bodice has 2 sets of straps and a separate front shoulder piece. These pieces are just perfect for color blocking, or just adding an interesting detail. I made three Litore's and loved playing around with the colors. On two I used colors from the main fabric, on the third I actually used the strap to spice it up (something I had seen other testers do). On the purple one I actually put the wrong straps at the top, wrong when you consider the pattern instructions (and that is what is the bible when you are testing). When not testing you can of course play with whichever order you like best. How well the Litore's back looks depends on your fabric, if your main fabric is very drapy, like the petrol one, it is important that you take a nice firm lining.

The Litore has three skirt options, handkerchief (dress and tunic length), high low circle skirt (dress and tunic length) and A-line (dress and maxi length). I sewed the high low circle one and the hand kerchief. The high low hem circle skirt is my and my girls' favorite for sure. I love how it spins and it is very practical. The shorter front makes it nice and spicy and the longer back avoids it being too spicy when my kids are playing. The best part, these skirts fit the Solis bodice! The Litore en Solis will be the ultimate summer dress combo seeing as the Solis has two great skirt options that fit the Litore.

The Aura bolero is a great staple garment, I have been under estimating cardigans and the like as you can read here, now I am hooked. I only made one because I realized my uni colored jersey pile had shrunk a lot. Yesterday, I bought eleven meter uni colored fabric, so now I can totally go overboard. The bolero has three sleeve lengths making it perfect for the entire year. I read in this post that the Nivalis'* sleeves fit the Aura up until size 7, I presume that means cap sleeves as well!

The grey indian fabric I bought at Droomstoffen. My daughter picked the fabric herself (from behind the pc). I like the fabric for her because from far it looks stylishly grey but from where she is looking she sees all the nice drawings. Last time when we picked fabric from my closet she told me she still prefers fairytale fabric best, so happy drawings it is.  The elephant fabric has been in my stash for more than a year already and I bought it at a web shop that went bankrupt. I usually do not make a circle skirt with a direction print, but I just wanted to try it. I feared that I would be bothered by the fabric being sideways on the sides, but it really does not bother me at all. I might even like it in this particular print.

The petrol combi is made with two different petrol fabrics from Lillestoff. The dress fabric was already featured here and here. I bought four meter and my mother also made dress from it, but you will see more of it for sure. The bolero is made with vintage jersey. I had no clue what is was when I ordered it. It is a relatively thick jersey, which looks like from an old sweater (that is why it is called vintage I presume, I thought it had to do with the color). I bought half a meter and had not found a project for it yet. For this bolero it was perfect. It is nice and warm and clearly has some structure. Because the bolero is rather short, I could easily cut one from my half a meter. The flower fabric, I once bought as a coupon on a market. My mother actually used 80% of the fabric already, but it was just enough for this bolero and dress.

Both patterns are on release sale for two days. The Litore* will we €5.50 (excluding EU tax normally the Litore would be €8.85 excl EU tax) and the Aura* will be €4.50 (also without EU tax, normal price is €6.85 excl tax ). You can find the patterns here, no special code is needed.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. aiaiaiai, ik ging geen nieuwe patroontjes meer kopen. Maar die mooie creaties van jou hebben me weer doen zwichten! :-)

    1. Ze vormen echt een super aanvulling op de Solis en alle andere zomerjurken in je kast ;)

  2. Zo mooi met die bandjes op de rug! Iedere jurk staat weer verschiilend en mooi!

  3. Mooi zeg! Al hoop ik stiekem dat Anne's volgende patroon voor jongens is ;-)