Monday, March 27, 2017

Alterative Cicero's

In February, I showed you my first three Cicero's. Today, I am showing you two more, both hacked versions. In January, Anne pitched me the idea to sew a Cicero* having both a hood and a collar. I liked the idea, and of course gave it my own spin. I feared that when I would combine the hood and collar as they are in the original pattern, the front seams would become to thick. I therefore created something different. My fears were actually ungrounded, because last week somebody showed a lovely hood/collar combi in the Sofilantjes Facebook group.

Inspired by a retail-bought coat, I sewed the hood partly free from the neckline. I had planned to put snaps on the front overlap, but I misjudged how much centimeter I should have added to make it comfortably. Now the flaps are only decorative. I wrote a tutorials for you if you want to try something similar, you can find the tutorial on the Sofilantjes blog.

The other Cicero that I am showing you today was also sewn in February. I sewed this short sleeved Cicero during our sewing weekend. I used only my own scraps for this one. My sweat scraps turned out big enough to actually only use three different fabric and not one fabric for every pattern piece, as I had planned. But seeing that I could totally finish two of the fabrics this way, I just went for it. Adjusting my plans is in my nature.

The small hack in the color bomb one is that the zipper does not continue into the collar. I am sure many of you can do this without any help, but I did put it in the Cicero hack tutorial that I wrote on the Sofilantjes blog. I had been planning to actually redraft the collar a bit, to make it more traditional collar shape. I cut the redrafted pieces of this Cicero after 23:00 on the first night, but I quickly realized I had cut the wrong piece on the fold. Palm to the face and off to bed it was. I really should not sew after bed time, I could salvage the incorrectly cut piece by cutting the original collar from it, so that is what I did, I hate wasting fabric.

The main fabric of the first Cicero was bought at Textielstad. It was part of the batch of blue/grey fabric that I bought during the fall with the intention of selfish sewing. Really funny to see that my fabric taste goes in cycles, I really have clear trends in my taste. Apparently I am in a more pink phase at the moment. Two of the fabric from the scrap Cicero were used before I started to blog regularly. The owl fabric can be found in this post.

Feel free to leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian). If you buy anything through my affiliate links (*), I get a small commission (the price stays the same for you), I am very grateful for everything that feeds my fabric addiction.


  1. Knap bewondering hoe je dat allemaal doet!

  2. Weer zo'n toffe stoffencombinaties !!
    Misschien kan je de drukknopen zo bevestigen dat de kap aan de kraag vastgemaakt kan worden als ze de kap opheeft, dan staat die ook niet zo ver open?

  3. Ik denk aan een oplossing in houtje/touwtje dan heb je geen overlap nodig. Je hebt dat ooit eens gedaan op een Chinees jurkje.

  4. Geweldig, vooral die met kraag en capuchon. Die kleurencombi vind ik zo mooi!

  5. Wat een super mooie cicero's! Ik vind de kap heel mooi, zo niet tot vooraan vast, geeft een extra touch. En de restjes Cicero is heel geslaagd, zelf durf ik dat meestal niet om zo "wild" te combineren, maar ik vind het echt super tof!