Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mira release

My apologies, but I am tempting you again today. She commented yesterday that reading here might be dangerous for your budget, well today is one of those days again! I tested the new Mira dress from Elegance and Elephants and my girls loved it. I had planned to make only one, I have been sewing like crazy lately. My middle one was so sad that she did not get the pink dot fabrics, so, the day after finishing the bigger version, I sewed a matching on for my middle daughter. So proceed, carefully, do not tell me I did not warn you!

The Mira is a fitting dress for woven fabrics with three different bodice details. There is the plain version, a color blocked one and a gathered panel one. I sewed the later two. Like I said, I started with the bigger dress. I found this nice color block with two sizes of pink dots in my stash. I bought the one with small dots over four years ago, and I used it to line this coat. The one with the bigger dots was part of the last years sewing weekend goodie bag. The pink in the fabrics is a perfect match, so I presume they are from the same line.

I did not have enough fabric to make an identical dress (which was the original request from my daughter), but I could make a matching one by using more of the smaller dot fabric. That I could try the gathered panel option was an added bonus for me. I should have pressed the gathered panel before the shoot, but I somehow missed that. I still did it after I made the pictures, but I did not want to re shoot. The sizing of this pattern is spot on, I somehow missed that my eldest jumped almost 2 centimeter in her chest measurements. I therefore choose to have a little bit more growth room around the chest in the dress for my middle one.

The skirt of the pattern is super full and that scores me extra points with my kids. Usually I just use one gathering line when I make a gathered skirt. I knew that more lines give a nicer effect , but I am easily satisfied. When I saw the gatherings from Heidi (the designer) up close, I wanted to do better though. In her instructions she advises to have two gatherings lines, and to stitch the skirt to the bodice between those lines. That has now become my new favorite method! You have to unpick the lower gatherings stitch line, but seeing that my machine has tension problems, taking out  gathering line is done in a second.

The weather is still horrible outside, so I needed indoor pictures. I only have a white screen and white dresses on a white screen is not ideal (I got some Cheshire cat visions from Allice in Wonderland). I therefore kept the pictures a bit moodie, the background now looks more pinkish, but at least there is a contrast with the dresses. My middle one has a very dry skin and specially her knees are always itchy. She knows she should not scratch and somehow she got it in her head that her knees itch less when she is wearing leggings. In the past I really wanted pictures without the (usually not matching) leggings, but I have given up. I find the most matching one and we just roll with it. 

The Mira dress is on special release sale only today, with a code that you van find in the E+E Facebook group. That code gives you an extra 20% discount. The prices on the E+E site are in Canadian dollars, so the extra release discount brings the pattern down to about American $5.65.


  1. Erg leuk, vooral die met de gathered voorkant!

  2. heel leuk! Ik ga 'm binnenkort ook maken zie! :)

  3. Ohhh, die stofjes!! Heerlijk leuke foto's ook!

  4. Juist leuk dat de jurken niet identiek zijn! Heerlijke zomerjurken!