Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Beestyle tunic

Due to my testing frenzy from the previous month, some projects remained unblogged (I did not want to bore you with too many posts). This week was free of deadline posts, so I am blogging about something that I sewed months ago (during my sewing weekend), the Beestyle tunic from Beekiddi. This morning my daughter wore one of the two tunics that I made, which was a good reminder of my blogging backlog.

I came across the Beestyle pattern in the International knit sew-along group. In that group, many cool creations turn up and many of them have a jersey strip sewing in-between the seam. I love the look and used the Beestyle pattern to experiment with it.  I bought the pattern in my search for patterns perfect for scraps, and this indeed turned out to be a winner. From all the different fabrics that I used in these two tunics, only the foxes had not come from my own collection. Sofie was the original owner but did not blog about her project, but you can see and buy the lovely dress she made with it here.

I presume you would have expected that my daughter would be over the moon with this huge pocket! I really like the lines on this pattern. I only made the girl version, but there is a boy version as well. The pattern is German, but I did not really use the instructions so I can not tell you if they are good. There are a lot of pictures though, so that should be enough explanation. The pattern is without seam allowance, so do not forget to add them. There are several hood options for the pattern, but I went for a plain round neckline. Unfortunately, there is no size table, so I simply measure across the chest to determine the size I needed.

I really love how all these bolt prints together still works (in my mind at least). I will not bore you with links to all the posts that I used these fabrics in (because these were all leftovers from when I made something else), but that would be a nice scavenger hunt if you are bored. I took pictures months ago as well, so although new shoot would be outside now, these were still taken inside.  For the pictures we paired the tunics with jeans, they would be perfect with capri leggings as well. Note to self, finally start those capri leggings you have been planning for months!


  1. Heel leuk en mooi patroon. Jammer dat mijn dochter van 10 al kledingmaat S draagt.

  2. Heel gewaagd, al die restjes, maar wel geslaagd !!

  3. Wat slaag jij er altijd in stofjes leuk te combineren!! Druk, maar wel mooi!! Weer superleuk gedaan!

  4. JIj bent en blijft mijn puzzelkampioen! Helemaal fan van jou combinaties!

  5. Deze vind ik zo ontzettend leuk!! Al zou ik vastlopen in het combineren ;)