Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Out and about dress

I am very ashamed. Nine months ago I received the pattern for the Out and about dress from Sew Caroline. There was no deadline she told me, I took that a bit too literally.  We Dutch say: better late then never and I really hope it applies in this situation. I actually already finished the dress and pictures more than a month ago but because of all the others sews that did have a deadline, this post got pushed back again. Now, today, I can finally show you my dress after the period in which I also could have made an entire new human.

The pattern was clearly not the problem of the delay. The Out and about dress is the perfect staple in my wardrobe. Jersey means in my case no-ironing, no closure means no husband needed to close the zipper (and quicker sew) and a dress in general means no need to combine it with anything else. To make it even more versatile I chose the 3/4 sleeve option means that I can wear this dress all year round. As cherry on the pie this dress has pockets, real grown up sized lovely pockets. My kid dresses usually have pockets, but mine do not. After now having felt how awesome it is to have pockets, I will think twice about omitting them in my own dresses from now on.

I bought the fabric at Joyfits last year. I really love the little nature drawing on white background. About the time that I cut the dress, I saw this post by Maxcalifornia. She dip dyed a shirt, and I just loved the irregular lines. Over the years, I have been planning to try fabric dying, I bought several colors of dy already, but never actually did it. I thought that this white background would be a perfect canvas to try some dip dying myself and I love the result. After I removed the dress from the blue bowl, there was still some dy in the water, so I threw in a white sheet remnant and colored it light blue. I even managed to use that for a lovely project that I will show you later this month. I would therefore say my first dying experiment was a big success.

The advantage of blogging way after making a project is that I can already tell you how my experience with the garment actually is. I have worn and washed the dress a few times already and the dye stays on nice. My husband makes me compliments each time that I wear this dress, so I would definitely call that a big success as well. The actual sewing was super quick, so this pattern definitely goes on my "to make another time" pile, let's see if it takes less than nine months to make the next one.


  1. Die ziet er inderdaad lekker comfy uit. Ik zat me al te vragen waar je stof had gevonden met zo'n mooie blauwe rand. Gewoon zelf geverfd? Soms kan eenvoud geniaal zijn!

  2. Replies
    1. Heel comfortabel inderdaad, ik maakte eerder een met een rimpeling in de taille, maar die zat toch heel anders en een stuk minder mooi.

  3. Dit lijkt me een toppatroon! Het stofje had ik ook en verwerkte in in een t-shirt!

    1. Ik naaide er ook een Domi mee mee die staat nog op de wachtlijst van de blog ;)

  4. Hihi, zou mij ook gebeuren... als ik geen deadline krijg, dan schuift het steeds weer op...

    Maar mooi zeg!! Staat je geweldig!

  5. hahahah I can relate to the delay also! I boutght this pattern aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago for 'when I will feel confident ebough to sew knits'. I even bought fabric for it! My excuse is that I did it when I was heavily pregnant. I have absolutely no excuses left and now having seen your version I feel ashamed I have not made one yet!