Sunday, May 14, 2017

Camellia dress

Petite Stitchery recently released their new spring collection (although the patterns are suitable for other seasons as well). The Poppy skirt, Periwinkle top and tunic, Lilly dress and the Camellia dress. A lovely set of patterns, each with their own special features. For example, the Lilly is a combination of woven and jersey and you have to check the back of the Periwinkle! I decided to sew Camellia which for me stands out  due to the double collar and the front closure.

I used two Soft Cactus fabrics from my stash, both with the same print, but different colors. I always think that I almost out of wovens but when I actually look in my stash there seems to be plenty of choice. I really like how these two fabrics work together and I feel the main color really suits my youngest.

I did deviate from the pattern a bit, twice. I added pockets, my youngest has enter the phase that when I tell her I am making her a dress, she asks if it will have pockets (after she asked if it twirl). The pattern includes instruction to make the dress close with visible buttons. Some of the example dresses in the pattern do not have buttons on them. I wanted that look and I wanted it to be suitable for a three year old. So, instead of using a hidden button holes or snap strips, I actually used a long strip of velcro. This way she can easily dress and undress herself. With hindsight, having separate velcro island might have been better. The dress now has the tendency to curl upward slightly. It is not that obvious, but a lesson for next time.

The sizing of the dress was spot on. Based on the measurement table I made a size 2 and lengthened the skirt a little bit. My little one is really loving our photo shoots. She is into doing all kind of poses, she makes them up herself and she holds them for a short period to avoid blurry pictures. She apparently really likes the pose where she holds her own face. It is super cute, for our family album, but no so much in showing the dress. I could not resit showing you at least one of them though.

You can buy the Camalia pattern or the other three patterns individually or as a bundle on the Petite Stitchery website. Here and here you can see more Petite Stitchery from my hand.


  1. Ik vind hem prachtig! En wat fotografeert jouw jongste toch altijd leuk. Elke foto is echt superschattig. Volgens mij is zij altijd blij.

  2. Wat een leuke jurk. Die foto's moeten echt wel de schattigste ooit zijn!

  3. I love it! I am so happy that you were able to make it ypur own too! She is a doll!

  4. Oh die Soft Cactus stofjes.... prachtig, en je krijgt er maar nooit genoeg van, he? Ik hou daar ook zo van (binnenkort een paar Soft cactus projectjes op mijn blog) ;-)

  5. weer zo'n heerlijke foto's!!!

    Mooi jurkje ook!!

  6. Wat een mooie jurk! Het is echt een zonnestraaltje inderdaad!