Sunday, January 27, 2019

She was in need of winter dresses

She told me that she needed more dresses with long sleeves. If possible she wears dresses,and ideally only dresses, so not extra layers. Oh, and "dress" of course equals one with a wide skirt (she always looks with a bit questioning eyes if I make her a tigher model and says in a I-told-you-so-before voice: "nice but, I do not like tight skirts"). Dress should equal twirl. That means, strictly spoken, she only had three suitable clothing garments in her closet, but trust me she has enough clothes to be in a different outfit each day for at least two weeks. But of course her clothes should be her choice, she should feel happy in them and I love sewing twirling dresses, therefore, last week, I sewed her two new dresses, two Foras dresses.

I picked the Foras pattern because her current favorite garment remains this dress. I made one with the circle skirt and one with a gathered skirt. I added simple side seam pockets in the gathered skirt version. Pockets are another thing high on her wish list.

The blue fabric I bought on a (small) bold, six meters and it has a fluffy back side, but not that much stretch. The print has jumping bunnies, which I knew would be a hit in our house. The Foras has a relaxed fit and therefore, I correctly assumed that the Foras would work perfect for this not so stretchy fabric.

The brown fairy fabric is a panel from Lillestoff and I bought it a few years ago. I had some cutting fear and the fabric became too small to make a full dress from it. I therefore used white for the main front pieces. The Foras has a dropped waist, creating a perfect canvas for the wings on her back. I am still in doubt if I should screen print a picture on it. For now I decided to keep it like this, but when she has created a horrible stain, which she will, I will determine an optimal print to hide it.

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  1. ho, zalige jurken! Ik dacht wel 'moedig, zo'n wit voorpand', maar er zal dus misschien nog niets opkomen, haha :)