Friday, February 8, 2019

Hacking made easy, the free Sofilantjes 20K Regina add-on

You know that I love to mix and match. I love having the extra possibilities that mixing can give. Today, Sofilantjes released the 20K add-on to the Regina, which contains a low back and a half circle skirt, which opens up many more mixing possibilities. The free add-on is due to the fact that the Sofilantjes group reached 20 000 members, are you one of them?

One of the good things of Sofilantjes is the fact that you can combine the skirt pieces from several patterns. This way you could already make a Regina with the cirkel skirt of the Solis, or the high low Litore skirt etc. The new half circle skirt can therefore also be mixed with other patterns. Last summer, the Valis released, and many people fell in love with the low back, but the Valis does not have sleeves. Now, with this add-on you can also make a dress with long sleeves, Valis skirt and low back. The low back gives the Regina an instant fancy party feel., especially with those eye catching sleeve pleats.

I created both dresses from relatively small fabric remnants. The half circle skirt needs a lot less fabric than the gathered circle skirt, but from the brown triangles I could only create the pleated skirt from the original Regina pattern. Even with only the Regina pattern it is now easy to optimize fabric use, just cut the biggest skirt possible from your fabric, all three options ask significant different amounts of fabric.

For a few months, I had my eye on the grey combination that I used for our middle daughter's dress. I felt the grey's would go great together, but I feared it might be a bit boring for her. I therefore spiced up the grey fabric combi using a pink neckband and I really love the contrast. Having the same color family, like blue's or grey's makes print mixing easy, especially if you use it with another strong contrast. The strong contrast with the pink pulls the grey fabrics closer together.

If you bought the Regina in the past, the add-on is already in your downloads. If you did not, you can now buy the Regina, and all other patterns with a 20% discount to celebrate 20K. In honor of the 20,000 member milestone use code YAY20K until February 10 23.59 CET/ February 9 5:59pm to take 20% off of Sofilantjes' patterns.


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