Sunday, March 3, 2019

Julianna skirt; Free pattern

I did not blog much in February, but I did sew, I actually sewed a lot because we again had a sewing weekend! One of the things that I sewed on the weekend was this awesome teen proof skirt. I sewed it from a scrap that was left after sewing this dress. Seeing that the scrap was oddly shaped I had to be extra creative with the lower ruffle, but due to the black fabric, the extra seams to do not show. Another awesome thing of this skirt, it is made with a new FREE pattern. The pattern is a collaboration between the lovely ladies behind Lilyenwoody and Kaatjesnaaisels.

The Julianna skirt is a fake wrap skirt, the fronts overlap, but they are kept together by one closed waistband. The waistband contains elastic so the skirt is easily put on and off. The black fabric hides the extra seams very well, but it also does not show the construction that well on the pictures. The pictures that you can see on the sites of the creaters make the lines in the skirt more visible. During our sewing weekend I borrowed her coverlock again and I added a contrasting seam to the bottom ruffle, so at least that line is nicely visible.

I slightly hacked the skirt (would you have expected less from me?). The ruffle is designed to have a curve at the top, but I was afraid that I would not be able to hem that curve with the 2 centimeter hem allowance that I use for jersey, so I drew the ruffle straight at the top and sewed the short edge of the beginning of the ruffle into the waistband. She also sewed a lovely Julianna in jersey during the sewing weekend, and she hemmed the curve at 2 centimeter without issues. I also shortened the waistband and cut it from rib knits (there is still elastic in it) such that the waistband does not contain gatherers while it is worn.

The skirt is designed for both woven and knit fabrics. Our eldest was a bit over the top of the size table, seeing that she prefers skirts to really hit her knees. I therefore added a bit of length to the largest skirt. The skirt comes in five sizes starting at 2 years, going up to 10. The free pattern can be downloaded from Lilyenwoody, but also visit Kaatjesnaaisels for her lovely versions.

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  1. Ik blijf het een mooitje vinden! Ik blogde de mijne vandaag ook, maar kan jammer genoeg geen reclame meer maken, aangezien ik gestraft ben door FB en IG om God weet welke reden... :s