Thursday, March 21, 2019

Velocitas release

Today, the Velocitas, the newest pattern by Sofilantjes got released. It is an unisex hoodie with two different color block options which comes with long and short sleeves. The Velocitas has a three-pieces sleeve and the testers got so creative with the texts that they put on the middle color block piece, that I had to try it myself. I always love the inspired feeling that I get when observing a devoted test force.

Our kids love wearing hoods, and they feel it is totally unfair that they are not allowed to wear them up on school. This Velocitas is the perfect snuggle up type of garment that gets your kids through colder days, but also through cooler summer evenings. Because of the short sleeve option you can also easily sew a warmer weather version.

The color block pieces are begging for nice top stitching. I first sewed the hoodie for our son and I used a decorative stitch from my sewing machine. Although I was careful,  I still stretched the fabric a bit too much, so eventhough I tried to steam the thing in submission, I did not get the end result that I hoped for. Because I ironed my heart out on the color block seams, I was not in the mood for ironing the hood for final pictures. I should have known better, it really does make the garment look better when it id fully ironed. I did now finally buy a coverlock to be able to top stitch my heart out in the future.

On the version for our daughter I used my Bobbinhood maxi kit to add the text. I printed it in metallic gold and it glitters brilliantly, it is the perfect addition to a girly hoodie. I had to cut the print diagonally, but that way it fitted with a little bit room to spare on my huge screen. I again cut by hand, I really started to appreciate this step in my creative process. You can also cut the text in two lines under each other if you need an even longer text.

All fabrics from our son's version are French Terry's that I bought at Nooteboom Textiles. The one for our daughter contains some See you at six remnants that I got from her during our most recent sewing weekend. The instructions call for ties in the hood which look very cool, but I omitted them, I was not officially testing and was lazy. The hood should not have a seam in the front, so also ignore that on the version on our son.

From now through out the weekend, the pattern is only €5,37- ex taxes (6.50 incl EU taxes) and can be bought from the Sofilantjes webshop.

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