Saturday, March 16, 2019

Another gymnastics outfit

When our middle daughter started gymnastics, she asked me to make her a gymnastics suit, one with the Solis back plus matching shorts. Gymnastic suits usually have an open back or wide neckline to be able to put on the suit. The Solis does not have this, and her request therefore was a nice challenge. Fortunately, there are  many inspiring people in the world, with a twist on her nursing hack of the Solis, I totally made it work.

I was first considering using snaps in the crotch, but I feared that it would hurt with certain exercises. I actually did try velcro, but that was too stiff, it was not comfortable to wear. Then, I settled on the hack that kept one side of the strap separate from the body. With two Prym snaps you can fixate it on the front where it does not bother her. With smaller kids you would probably have to assist them to put the neck strap through the back loop, but our seven year old does it herself without problems.

To have a nice finish, I lined the entire suit and the suit is therefore also reversible. The inside is light blue. I presume our kids are not the only ones who love reversible clothes. They claim it is a bit like magic. To complete the look I sewed some Play Pants in the same colors. I wanted the shorts to match both the purple or the blue outside, and the play pants has the perfect color block option for that.

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