Sunday, March 10, 2019

Boy summer shirts

Two weekends ago, I went on a sewing weekend and I sewed 27 pieces and eight of those were simple shirts for our son. Every year both cooler and warmer weather make me realize that he has nothing decent to wear anymore since he outgrows it all in one year. So, to avoid that unpleasant feeling, I decided to proactively sew him short sleeved shirts in which he can grow a bit. I used the Regem and Cessim patterns for all these shirts.

Finding fabric prints that he likes is hard, and sometimes you have to sell a print a bit. The colorful lama piñata's are therefore the Fortnight lama piñata's. The one with the bears all over it is his favorite shirt. Now that he has new shirts that actually fit him, he already switched his wardrobe and he has been wearing his short sleeves shirts ever since.

He loves everything with bears. These two bear shirts have been his favorite for long, and he asked me to sew him a new one. I was out of that digital bear print, but when I saw a bear panel at the Stoffenstraat I thought he would love it. I was wrong, he thought the fairies were too weird. No problem, the two under him can not wait to wear them in a few years.

I should have known better than asking him to make pictures of all shirts in one sitting. He does not like pictures, but I just wanted to get it done. I chose the best picture of every garment, finding a decent one of each was already hard, let alone showing garments from different angles. He kind a looks like a bunny caught in the head lights of the car in most pictures, but I just tell myself that you are here for the clothes, and totally do not look at his face, right?

He is wearing a Domi that I sewed him last year (and it miraculously still fits), but that never made the blog. The picture with the Fortnight lama contains a sneak peek to a future blog post, the one containing the clothes that I sewed for our littlest.


  1. Wow toch niet die beren die zagen we niet aankomen, toch te vrouwelijk misschien. De rest is perfect!

  2. Superleuk! En het laatste shirtje blijft mijn favoriet. Noa vindt het ook een heel mooi paneeltje, maar Sam is jaloers, dus ik ben er nog niet zo helemaal uit in welke maat ik het nu ga verwerken :)

    1. Groot genoeg voor Sam en dan over twee jaar doorschuiven ;)