Thursday, April 11, 2019

Advena release

Today, the Advena, the newest pattern from Sofilantjes releases. The Advena is a very versatile pattern because you can make a shirt, tunic and dress, with three different neck lines and it includes short and long sleeves. Spring weather is upon us, so I went twice for short sleeves and I even had one of our very rare outside shoots.

The Advena comes with an envelop neck line, a round neckline and a cross over asymmetrical neck line with round on one side and envelop on the other shoulder. I twice went for envelop, but I for sure see a cross over neckline in our near future. You know that I love asymmetry.

The side panel gives the perfect color block option, you can for bold full print, uni color or like me something in between. Just make it fit your personal style. Only the middle part of the skirt is gathered, the skirt piece is relatively narrow and you need a minimal amount of fabric for the skirt. I made the dress for our middle daughter from an upcycled women's garment and a small scrap that I once received from her. Grey on grey is something that somehow really speaks to me.

The shirt for our eldest I made during the pre-test and the final fit changed a bit. I really love how the envelop neck line ribbing adds another level to the color block options. Our eldest is wearing a capri Orbis that I sewed during our sewing weekend. I made her a blueish-grey capsule wardrobe during that sewing weekend and this new shirt also easily fits in it. The rest of the caspule wardrobe will also come to the blog soon.

The pattern is on sale for €5,37- ex taxes (6.50 incl EU taxes) until the end of the weekend.