Friday, April 26, 2019

Sweet Solises

The Solis is always a winner, the speed of construction, the minimum amount of fabric that you need for the bodice and the twirl factor always stirs a lot of joy in me and in our littlest family member. So, on the Sunday morning of our sewing weeked, I turned two leftover fabrics into Solisses.

For the ones that saw my post on boy shirts, those will also have seen the two bear shirts (that our son decided to boycott) that I cut from a cute panel. After cutting those two shirts, I was left with a big amount of boring forest. The leftover are a reason why I do not often buy panel fabrics. The fabric did not really speak to me at that moment, but I felt I had nothing to loose by turning it it a Solis. The trees were that thick that it was not that clear what was up and what was down. That dark bar on a the front is actually a tree sideways and now it looks a bit like waistband. I really love the result, and also our girl is very happy with her tree dress.

Last week, I showed the shirts that I sewed for our middle daughter and after sewing that awesome color blocked rainbow shirt, I still had enough fabric left to turn it into a Solis bodice. From the fabric that I had taken with me, the red / pink stripes was the best match. If I would have my entire stash (which is not that big anymore by the way), I might have chosen a different skirt, but I am still very satisfied with the result. Stripes turn into arches when you make a circle skirt with them, so now she has a two color rainbow skirt.

So you see, whatever stretchy fabric  that you have, if you turn it into a Solis it will always be awesome. A quick way to use some of that fabric that you fell out of love wit, and a good likelihood It will become your daughters favorite summer piece this year.


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