Saturday, April 20, 2019

Girl summer shirts

When I asked our middle daughter what she wanted me to sew for her on our sewing weekend she replied "shirts", so I made her four Regem shirts. A few years ago, I still very much disliked using the same pattern multiple times in a row, now I really love it, as you probably judged from me using the same patterns over and over again in the recent years. But, this time I did not do four times copy paste, like in this post. This time I made four different shirts.

Let's start with the most plain Regem, the one with the mermaid/cat print. I would either call them mercat or catfish but in English both are taken by a different animal already. I love the boldness of the print and it did not need anything else than a contrasting neckband in my opinion, one that contrasted while still matching with the print because the tiny starfish have a similar color.

The second shirt, sewn in magical color changing fabric, is another rather plain shirt, but this time I finished the neck line differently. I did not want to distract from the print itself, so I simply folded over the neckline and sewed it in place. Even quicker than working with a neck band. Not all fabrics are suitable for this, especially if you fabric is very stretchy, you easily get a wavy line. This rather thin fabric had just the right amount of stretch for a fold over neckline.

The third shirt, has another sea print and I used the front color block option of the Regem. I wanted the back to be mostly sea animals, but I also wanted the sleeves to match with something on the back as well. I therefore went for a straight color block line on the back. My plain light blue fabric was almost totally gone already, so I had to make an extra seam. By putting it exactly in the middle I feel it gives a extra depth to the shirt.

For the last shirt I color blocked my heart out. The rainbows in the fabric were inspiring, and I color blocked a rainbow on the front. I did not have any yellow in my scrap collection, but she did. I probably could have found some plain yellow as well seomwhere in the room with 22 addicted sewists, but I love the crazy mix with the yellow/orange print.

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