Thursday, October 16, 2014

Janneke dress

Two weeks ago I won a piece of great fabric in a wonder full give away. The give away was connected to the one year anniversary of Mieke's blog and for this joyous occasion she also created a free baby girl dress pattern! The fabric came of the webshop LieselLove.

For next project I really have to measure twice and cut once. Although my cutting did not result in the same massacre as last week I did manage to wrongfully cut the back piece of the dress by cutting it on the fold. This resulted in no sewing allowance for the zipper. By making the back pleats slightly smaller and using an extreme small sewing allowance for the zipper I managed to work around it. The back piece is therefore still one piece below the zipper.

The one piece back of course created some troubles with the construction of the dress because now turning through the shoulder was not possible anymore. I tried two different ways of turning whilst having sewn shoulder, armholes and neck but I did not manage to find the solution (Although I feel there is one and probably will realize it after reading my Fawn Lilly instruction again). The end of the evening was nearing and I decided to just open up a shoulder and turn there. Afterwards I sewed up the shoulder by hand using invisible stitches. It worked out fine.

I love how the dress turned out. Thank you again Mieke! Based on the measurement table I chose the second size and lengthened it and the fit is perfect. On other blogs I usually love picture overloads, I hope you do too.

In case you are wondering what that box with number in her hand is... We store left over Lego pieces from Creator sets (never mind if you do not know this Lego line) together in a box with the number of the set on it. My little model was not really in the mood for smiling (or not crying for that matter) and I had to distract her. Not many things work better in at such a moment than things that make a lot of noise when shaken.


  1. Ik heb ook niks tegen picture overload, zeker als 't zo'n mooie zijn! Je dochtertje staat er super mee! ( en zo verkeerd knippen, dat gebeurt mij ook wel eens, daar word je lekker creatief van :))