Tuesday, October 21, 2014

KCW day2: Rapunzel dress

The goal of the KCW is (as far as I know) to realize how much you can sew in one hour a day. Well today I managed to fully fulfill that goal. I still do not have a clear view of what I want to sew this week (I know I am late with that) and decided for a quick project for this evening. My middle daughter is in need of dresses (with long sleeves).

To follow the theme of the week I chose a fairytale fabric showing scenes from the fairy tail Rapunzel. I managed to cut the pattern and fabric in one hour (which do not really count because they do not involve the sewing machine) and I managed to sew up the entire dress in another hour! I had already made the dress (Ottobre 3/2012) in a different size for my eldest so I knew what I was doing but I was still delighted that I could make this in just one hour (of sewing).

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that if you ask kids to do different moods (sad, scared, sleepy) than their "happy" will come out automatically. I tried this a few shoots ago and since then my middle daughter and son always want to do all the moods. The not-happy once usually do not make the cut, but this time I left in my middle daughters' "sad" face, I thought it was very adorable.

This last picture shows why I love Lillestoff. Lillestoff has a great recovery which is very important, because this is a natural pose for my kids.

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