Thursday, October 23, 2014

KCW day 4: Foxy Julia sweater

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I cut the fabric for this sweater yesterday. It is again from a cheap pillow case and has a big print of an animal, a fox this time. I was planning this sweater for my son, but due to him having a sleepover my eldest daughter did the posing. They kind a have the same size. My eldest loved the sweater and did not take it off anymore, she also claimed the sweater to be hers for all future wears... Lets see if hell breaks loose tomorrow when my son comes back, or if he doesn't mind switching.

I followed Mamadammeke and made a Julia sweater. This pattern is great for using a big part of the fabric. I lined the front with the same jersey, so the polyester does not tough the skin. I was not paying attention enough while sewing and first sewed lining to front without sewing the back to it as well. I was not in the mood to unpick the whole thing again and simply sewed the back to the finished front. This resulted in a bit thicker seam and a bit tighter sleeve. I made a Julia in the past and felt that the sleeves where a bit short. I now doubled the endpiece of sleeve in length. The sweater now has nice long sleeves, great for winter.