Saturday, October 25, 2014

KCW day 5 and 6: Onesie

I mentioned my sons sensitive skin already a few times. When he was about two and a half I bought him a premade onesie (including feet) from organic fabric to serve as a pyjama. My son did not like this addition to his nightly wardrobe, and the thing went into the closet until my middle daughter found it there half a year ago. Since then she prefers to wear the onesie all the time. She loved the thing so much that I wanted to make her another one.

I have piles of pattern magazine and many of them contain onesies, even some in her size (she has outgrown baby sizes) but none of them had feet. I started drawing an adjusted pattern a few weeks ago but I was not feeling convident enough about my adaptations. On the morning of day 5 of KCW my middle daughter looked over my shoulder into the fabric closet and pointed to a piece of fabric that I bought a few weeks earlier. It is Lillestoff, which I love, but the pattern is just not my thing. I bought it because it was very cheap, but when it came I really did not see me making something from it for outside. Do more people have this problem, when its on sale, I get greedy?

Her liking of the fabric combined with the fact that KCW is about challenging yourself, I gathered all my courage and made a new onesie pattern. I found a pattern in Ottobre 4/2012 for a right size onesie with hood, but without feet. I drew the feet based on the existing onesie and a footed trouser pattern (also from Ottobre). I used one of the zippers I salved from the pillowcases I used for two earlier KCW projects. I was out of such long zippers, which made the whole pillow case adventure extremely successful.

I had once earlier tried to sew a zipper in jersey and I was not satisfied with that result. This time I did add stabilization, but due to the fact that I decided to bind the inside of the zipper, the stabilization piece turned out to be too narrow. This resulted in a very wobbly zipper, but I was not in the mood to redo the zipper. My daughter will only wear the thing around the house anyway, there is always a next time.

My daughter wanted to show all the things she can do in her new onesie, and standing and smiling was not high on her to do list. If you are pretending to be in a circus, sometimes you fall.

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