Monday, October 20, 2014

KCW day1: Dragon small Fry

After I made my first real trousers I was determined to make more. I wanted to make a more traditional looking trousers and started cutting the parts from one of my husbands old striped jeans. My son watched me cutting and disaproved, he did not want boring trousers (I told you he loved the others right). So while continuing cutting I thought about how to make the trousers meet both our demands.

The day before I cut the parts I had gone through my stash of scraps and came across a very small piece of Dragons and Knights from Lillestoff. From that fabric I had made him a hoodie sweater which he LOVES. He uses it as a coat and if it would be up to him he would use it way into winter. The scrap piece I had left was really small but big enough to brighten up these "boring" trousers. This time I made pockets inside the trousers instead of on them and chose to put some fabric behind the pockets. Again, I covered the back pockets with jersey and I made two applications from the only two remaining (almost) whole dragons left on my scrap.


For the pictures the trousers HAD to be paired with his hoodie. I made the hoodie (Ottobre 4/2012) last year and did not blog about it yet. It was my first jersey project involving a zipper and while sewing the zipper I realized why I should have used stabilizer. The line in the middle does not line up. I also butchered the zippers. I had cut out the zipper piece before sewing instead of first sewing and than slashing but somehow managed to make the whole thing stay in place anyway by using an buttonhole stitching all around the zipper. But like I said my sons loves the thing and I learned a lot, so I consider it a very successful project.

After I made the pictures, and the model was already asleep, I realized that the trousers were still covered in loose threads. Is it just me, or are your projects also covered in these horrible little monsters. I think hanging threads are THE thing how people can most easily spot which of our cloths are hand made. Even if I am sure that I cut and brushed everything of they still seem to grow on my garments. After I took the picture with my son it them I restored the buttonhole, it had been stretched out, making the final fit better than the one in the picture.

So I had started these trousers yesterday and had hoped to finish them yesterday as well but I missed an hour. This is why my first KCW day was spend on finishing this pair of trousers. Although I was not planning these to be part of my weeks sewing I think Dragons fit the storybook theme fine.

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