Thursday, November 6, 2014

Testing: baby leggings

Emma and Mona put out a testers call for her free baby leggings pattern. I saw this as a sign to stop procrastinating making clothes for my youngest. Baby leggings are very quick projects and I do not know why I have not made a ton of these yet. Yesterday evening, I  made one baby leggings in one hour (from taping pattern to end). I chose for the version that I could totally do with my overlock which means that the sewing part is about 10 minutes. I expect a next leggings to be created in less than half an hour.

Following a pattern is not my strong suit, but this time I really tried. I cut a size 74 and only made the waist part a bit longer than the pattern suggested, to avoid having to use elastic in the band. The legs are a bit long, but because I made the part and the end of the legs extra snug the extra length does not create a problem, and simply makes the leggings suitable for a few more months. For the next leggings I make I will follow the pattern again, which means that the pattern is great.

I felt I could not just show the leggings after seeing the great completed outfit at LilyandWoody, and the fabric of the leggings is not stunning enough like the one from Liesellove to work on its own. My youngest also needed shirts so I quickly made shirt of the scrap fabric from this dress. This time I did not use my twin needle but used a zigzag to finish the bias and seams as Mie Kantoentje usually does. Although I am great friends with my twin needle this zigzag is much quicker (especially because I used the thread and neelde that were already on my machine) . The shirt is still a bit big as well. I used an old cutted Ottobre pattern I had laying around and added a bit more seam allowance.

The outfit is made complete by the boots I made a few weeks ago but did not blog about yet. The boots are upcycled from a thrifted woman's vest and I simply followed this pattern. The biggest size is already a bit small for my youngest, but by adding a bit more seam allowance I will be able to  make a few more of these (I am always planning more..)

What do you think? Please leave a comment in the language you prefer (although Google translate might have to assist me if you choose something different than English, German, Dutch or Hungarian)