Sunday, November 23, 2014

Recykleer 14-dagen: Baby outfit

For the 14 day upcycle sew along, I made a baby outfit. In my previous post I wrote that I would like to challenge my upcycle boundaries, for this outfit I therefore tried a new technique, drawing with bleach.

Let's start with the sweater. For my son's new coat I used the boards of one of my old sweaters. From the remains of that sweater I cut this new baby sweater. I kept the V neck, the neckline does not stretch but is wide enough to easily fit  her head.  Although nicely warm (I already mentioned I love knitted sweaters), the top was very boring. I therefore embroidered a heart on it. I am a true beginner when it comes to embroidery, so this heart is very basic but I like the result.

For the leggings I again used the free pattern from Emma and Mona. The fabric is from another old shirt of my husband. The color of the whole shirt was a color green which I am not a fan of (anymore). I already had put the shirt on the throw away pile, when I realized that this would be a great fabric to use a new technique on. I did not have to fear ruining the fabric, and I might end up something nice. I made my own bleach gel and drew an easy pattern by hand. For the gel I used a toilet cleaner which contains a percentage of bleach, instead of pure bleach. I felt that pure bleach would have given a much lighter effect (lesson for next time). The legging will not become my favorite wardrobe piece, but I feel that they combine fine with the sweater.

We bought the shoes for my son, our youngest is therefore the third child that is going to use them. I write "going" because this is the second time those shoes are on her feet (the first time was two days earlier when I tried to see if they would fit). Our youngest started to walk a few weeks ago (about the time when I made my Janneke), and she now walks like a pro inside bare feet. Now she is ready for her first strolls outside. The shoes are not girly, but I like the velcro and the rubber noses (for the occasional crawl outside). The green and brown from the shoes match perfectly with the green brown from the rest of our outfit. Our tomboy is ready for her first stroll.

My youngest does not mind photo shoots, but I need to use at least one prop to keep her from immediately walking towards me. I usually grab the first thing I see laying around that might keep her occupied for a few minutes, hence the red box. She took a few steps in her shoes, and seemed very proud, but she was looking like she had cement on her feet. I therefore took the shoes off after the shoot, but she did not agree and tried to put them on again herself.


  1. Kun je een close up maken van het motief van de legging?

    1. Als je op de foto's zelf drukt, dan worden ze groter. Als je op de eerste foto van deze post drukt, krijg je een behoorlijke detail foto.